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Subcult - Breaking The Scene

We sat down with Frankston locals Subcult to chat their debut single "Suffocating" and their favourite parts of the Aus music scene.

Tell me about your new track Suffocating and how it came about?

Alexia - This track started off with me, Ben and Declan jamming out the back of Bens house on a ciggy break. Declan went and grabbed his guitar and we were playing random stuff, and then it turned into something. It came together pretty quickly, and then once we had the structure we moved it to the fire in Bens backyard and wrote this beautiful spicy lil track called Suffocating.

I wrote the song about being really interested in this guy... And we were kicking it, it was really good but he just wasn’t giving me the same amount of attention as I was giving him and I wound up being led on and it just wasn’t good. He was a dill hole.

Declan - What a dill hole!

Hows the response been?

Declan - Its been so awesome! We got almost 1K plays within the first week which is so much more than we were expecting for our first track. We were lucky enough to get a bunch of reviews on unearthed from some really dope people. Its been really warm, and for our first song, we weren’t expecting much. We thought it would be underwhelming, but it has been so much better than that!

What was the recording process like?

Declan - We went to Wrangler Studios (Our favourite place in the world) and recorded with Dean Tellefson (our favourite person in the world) and kicked it with Oslow (our favourite dog in the world) and we recorded Suffocating and another song which will be coming out at some point in the future perhaps.

Ben - The close future.

Declan - Yes.. the very near future!

Alexia - The foreseeable future

Declan - Deano helped us get it to an extra level, he made it so much better.

Ben - He made it record well, we had the live sound down and he came in and just gave it that extra layer of something that recordings need.

Declan - Without him it would be no where near as good as it is. We did it over a couple of days, and kept on coming back in and doing extra things. Then we sent it off to Jack The Bear to work his magic, and it sounds a million times better than it would if it had been just us.

Alexia - Its Spicy!! It was mayonnaise spice before Deano helped us out and now it's really spicy.

Who are some of your favourite local bands in the scene right now?

Alexia - Dover Island is just *chefs kiss*, especially that one time we played a house show with them and everyone was in the living room and just went crazy. I also really massively love Tired Lion and Teenage Joans.. Three Leaf Clover is such a banger!

Ben - Overall Aussie bands, cant go past Soho. Violent Soho is one of my favourite bands ever. You also cant go wrong with Slowly Slowly. LOSER are *chefs kiss*, Stateside even though theyre breaking up this year which is a bit sad. And of course Bakers Eddy!

Declan - Just Melbourne acts: Dover Island, cant wait to see them live again. Baby Shower, their first song was so wicked and I cannot wait to hear new stuff from them all I have to say on that is “Fuck yeah baby!”. Clowns, I love Clowns so much, I played my first show ever supporting them. I’ve loved watching Ecca Vandal grow she was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. It’s nice to see people who are that lovely continue to grow, and her music slaps!

What are some of your favourite local venues to play?


Alexia - Absolutely Wrangler.

Declan - Wrangler Studios is the best thing in Melbourne. They give so many opportunities to young people and people of all ages. There’s nowhere else that allows all ages shows like that.

Ben - Pelly Bar and The Grand are awesome too.

What has your best live show experience been so far?

Ben - My favourite show we’ve played would have to be with Bakers Eddy. The energy that we got back from the crowd was so awesome. It helped improve our performance too which was a win-win.

Alexia - Everyone chanting back the lyrics at that show.. Its just crazy to look back on. One of our favourite memories.

All - And the Ruby Fields show! Can’t forget that.

Your known for your jokes as a band. Lets hear some of your best worst jokes/pickup lines.

Declan - What do you call a bear with no ears? … a B.

What do you call a fish with no I? Fsh.

Alexia - Hey lets play titanic, you be the iceberg and I’ll go down.

Are you from Kentucky? Cause I’m gonna.. Give you my... Blend … of secret herbs and spices?

Declan - That was worse than I thought it was gonna be.

Ben - I’ve got nothing.

How has it been keeping the band in touch during isolation?

Alexia - It usually me trying to videocall the group and get help on little things that I’m stuck on, and everyone trying to contact another member of the band frantically and sending through really trash voice memos. And memes. Lots of memes.

Declan - and me sending through a bunch of stuff being like “Oi! We should do this!” “Oi can you guys send this through?” and just hoping someone replies.

Alexia - Or me being like “Boys what do we think of the cover art for this?” and them going “Dunno.” it’s very productive.

If you could have anything on your dream rider what would it be?

Lex - Red Bulls.

Ben - Unlimited jager bombs.

Declan - Shit tonnes of double stuffed Oreos.

Ben - Actually Im gonna change mine, VBs.

Declan - Crispy M&Ms

Lex - SKITTLES! And a fuck tonne of green tea.

Declan - A local bands band shirt in size Large every night of a tour.

What’s coming up in the future for Subcult?

Lots more poop jokes. A new single before the end of the year. A couple of live videos… lots of fun stuff. Fingers crossed some shows too.

You can stream Suffocating HERE

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